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    Why Kate Middleton’s G7 appearance with Jill Biden may enrage Meghan Markle

    There have been reported spats (looking at you, Jackie Kennedy), protocol-breaking hugs (Michelle Obama), and the time Jimmy Carter allegedly got a little too touchy-feely with the Queen Mother throughout the course of the relationship’s long and illustrious history.

    The next episode in this diplomatic love story unfolded over the weekend against a beautiful Cornish background, when US Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Dr Jill Biden arrived in the UK for the G7 summit. The Queen and her family were out in force, accompanied by A full-fledged titled troop is paraded out as part of the most fervent British charm drive in decades – their Eurovision campaign in 1997. And the grandest, gleamingest winner of those 48+ hours of Windsor courtship, picture ops, and the establishment of transatlantic friendships? Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

    With only one appearance involving a primary school, a rabbit hutch, and the First Lady of the United States, Kate accomplished what her sister-in-law Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has long been rumored to desire: Entré into the US political firmament’s top echelons.

    Kate and Dr Jill Biden teamed up for an excursion on Friday (UK time), laughing and smiling for the cameras as they arrived at a nearby school. Soon thereafter, CNN published an op-ed article co-authored by the two.

    This was all history-making material for Kate. No other member of the house of Windsor has attempted this level of carefully coordinated and choreographed collaboration with a US government.

    Kate, long portrayed as the pretty-but-dim princess-in-waiting, the lady previously relegated to Zara-clad broodmare status, has skillfully created a new level of intimacy between the royal family and the White House with her Dr Biden initiative.

    Without a doubt, this is Kate coming onto the global scene as a result of her legacy-defining work on early childhood interventions.

    What’s next, a speaking engagement at the Davos World Economic Forum? A complete address session of the United Nations? A highly sought invitation to Sun Valley’s annual ‘Summer camp for billionaires’? What seemed implausible just a few years ago is now a very real possibility.

    It’s hard not to be curious about how this new development plays out in Montecito as Harry and Meghan begin their five-month parental leave. (On June 4, they welcomed Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, their second child).

    Is it a hard pill for Meghan to see her sister-in-law (and the woman who reportedly made her weep in the months leading up to her wedding) grab the dazzling prize of being welcomed by the Biden administration and recognized as an international mover and shakers around the White House? Meghan’s political aspirations have been a subject of speculation for the better part of a year, with the Duchess allegedly setting her eyes on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    According to a close friend of the Duchess, “one of the reasons she was so adamant on retaining her American citizenship was so she could pursue a career in politics.” I believe that if Meghan and Harry ever decided to relinquish their titles, they would run for president.

    Meghan is part of the nonpartisan organization founded by Michelle Obama last year to assist voters in registering, and the couple’s first (and so far only) Spotify podcast featured Meghan.

    Stacy Abrahams, a Democratic celebrity whose work in the state of Georgia is credited with aiding Biden’s victory.

    The Sussexes held an hour-long “introductory meeting” with California Governor Gavin Newsom in the run-up to last year’s presidential race, it was revealed in February. Mr Newsom was on the lookout for a potential deal at the time of the virtual encounter.

    Every time a buddy succeeds, I die a bit

    Gore Vidal

    Senator Kamala Harris’ successor, and The New York Times subsequently reported: “Active efforts are also underway to encourage Mr Newsom to choose a woman, especially a black one.”

    In the same month, Mike Trujillo, a senior Democratic strategist, told the Times, “She is unquestionably dipping her toe in the water…” Everything she is doing parallels what others have done before to running for office.”

    Consider also Harry and Meghan’s connections to the Obamas, with Harry securing a high-profile interview with Barack in 2017 and Meghan doing an interview with Michelle during her guest editorship of British Vogue in 2019. Given all of this, it seems as if Meghan is pushing to join the political fray and to aspire to be a future Democratic party leader. (There is a good chance she would succeed, given her humanitarian credentials, enthusiasm, and deft use of hashtags).

    And there she is, rubbing elbows with the Bidens and garnering accolades by the metric ton.

    Gore Vidal famously said, “Every time a buddy succeeds, I die a bit.” I’m curious as to whether the same holds true for sister-in-laws.

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