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    Serum Stick Used on Jennifer Anniston’s Skin for “The Morning Show”

    For most of us, just caring for our skin and handling our daily makeup routines can be very stressful. Most of us want to look as flawless as we possibly can whenever we are out in public and particularly when we attend special events. Just imagine how ramped up this constant pressure can become for celebrities to always look their best. TV appearances with high-def cameras and millions of worldwide viewers focusing on every tiny flaw is quite intimidating even for Hollywood A-listers who are accustomed to being under constant scrutiny by the public.

    Of course, celebrities have constant access to the very best professionals wo are experts at perfecting camera-ready images for their star clients. You’re probably wondering what products make the grade for these pros to use on their top celebrity clients? 

    Earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston gave us a rare sneak peak! She posted a photo from the Morning Show set which featured a treasure trove of the go-to products used by her hair stylist, Chris McMillan, as well as her makeup artist, Angela Levin. We immediately zeroed in on the stunning purple bottle sitting atop the prep station. It was Serum Stick by Tatcha! This one-of-a-kind serum comes in a concentrated, solid stick form-there are no spills, no mess, and no waste. However, the unique formula itself is why it is a must-have for top celebrities like Aniston and a multitude of others. It is formulated with 80% squalene which moisturizes skin with no clogging of pores. It contains Japanese lemon balm, sourced directly from a private farm in Japan’s mountains! It helps to reduce fine lines and minimize damage from UV rays. The formula also contains Tatcha’s Hadasei’3 complex, a Japanese superfood trio filled with antioxidants for skin protection. Potential results include a reduction in signs of aging and dryness, immediately and over time. A 23 participant consumer study showed that 100% noticed their skin was softer and moister right away. And the benefits were visible when used over time: 96% of the participants agreed that their dryness was reduced, and that their radiance and texture was improved after just two weeks! 

    What’s even more exciting is that the serum stick has multiple benefits. It has been recommended for diminishing laugh lines, “perking up the eye area,” and for use on other areas with uneven texture. It is also designed for a “dewy cushion” that helps stop the very concerning problem of face makeup settling into fine lines. In addition, it is helpful when used over makeup for maintaining a honey glow effect and for refreshing areas prone to dry skin. It’s not at all surprising that more than 1,400 reviewers just from Tatcha’s website alone are referring to it as their “saving grace” and are completely obsessed with the product. Concerned about your sensitive skin? Tatcha’s serum stick is non-irritating, non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested, and non-sensitizing. It is also fragrance-free, which is an added benefit for many. Since it’s also cruelty-free, this product is an all-around keeper!

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