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    Royal Wedding Scandals, Surprises, And Bizarre Moments That Will Never

    Who isn’t a fan of royal weddings? From regal dresses to beautiful locations, the royal family knows how to host the most spectacular weddings. However, like with every wedding day, the possibility of a catastrophe is always present. Royal family members marry, global media coverage ensures that if anything does go wrong, it is nearly always picked up on camera. Here, we examine some of the most notorious wedding scandals to shake royal families.

    From across the globe, both contemporary and historical, with a few cheeky Prince Georges thrown in for good measure. moments sprinkled throughout for good measure. 

    The Queen chose to abstain from Charles and Camilla’s wedding.

     Following Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding on April 9, 2005, Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth appeared in Windsor Castle’s Guildhall for the Service of Prayer and Dedication. She did not, however, attend her son’s actual ceremony, according to The Telegraph.

    At the time, she was prioritizing her responsibilities as head of the Church of England. As a result, the Queen reportedly did not believe she could attend a civil ceremony and failed to attend the wedding ceremony want to establish a precedent that may be detrimental to the Church of England.

    Diana referred to Charles incorrectly during her vows.

    Princess Diana had her own Ross Geller moment at the altar when she spoke the incorrect name. Diana can be heard stating in a video clip of the couple’s vows released by CBS News, “consider” Philip Charles Arthur George. The small error merely swapped Charles’s initial and last names. middle initials. Furthermore, given that the event was witnessed by “a worldwide audience,” 750 million television viewers in 74 countries. According to the BBC, this was probably unexpected. This indicates that nerves have entered the picture.

    King Edward VIII renounced his throne in order to marry an American divorcee.

    The Times has previously reported one of the most famous royal wedding scandals of all time. Edward VIII was a member of the Crown. When the monarch fell in love with an American, Wallis Simpson, As a result of the divorce, there was a squabble. While Simpson was still a minor, their relationship started as an affair. She was previously married to her second husband, whom she subsequently divorced in order to be with Edward. During a particular period, Divorce was frowned upon, and it was unheard of for a king to marry a divorcee. of. According to History Extra, “Edward reigned for just 324 days before abdicating to marry the” He adored her. The couple married in France on June 3, 1937.

    Fergie was not invited to the wedding of Kate and William.

    Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has made a stunning public comeback as a result of her presence at the wedding of her daughter, Princess Eugenie, to Jack Brooksbank. However, less than a Ferguson was upset a decade ago when she was not invited to Kate’s wedding. The wedding of Middleton and Prince William was on April 29, 2011. During a trip to the United Kingdom, I discovered: According to Us Weekly, Fergie described the rejection as “very painful” on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She said, “Because I wanted to be there with my daughters… to assist them in dressing and to accompany them as a family.”

    Prince Ernst-August V made it clear that he would not attend his son’s wedding.

    Prince Ernst-August V, Prince Albert of Monaco’s brother-in-law and stepson of Princess Caroline of Monaco was irritated by her son’s marriage choice.When Ernst-August, Prince In 2017, when Jr. of Hanover married Ekaterina Malysheva, his father was not there. Of his decision to forego the wedding, which reportedly sprang from a quarrel over the castle, ownership, According to Prince Ernst-August V (via People), “For me, the choice was not simple. since it pertains to my kids. However, I am compelled to protect the House’s interests. of Hanover and the property, particularly cultural property, that it has had for a long period of time. centuries.” That is acceptable.

    Throughout her wedding, Princess Charlene of Monaco wept.

    While women often cry tears of pleasure on their wedding days, the Princess was the center of attention.

    Charlene of Monaco (born Charlene Wittstock) with Prince Albert II during her wedding. The bride wept frequently throughout the July 1, 2011 wedding ceremony.

    According to Vanity Fair, “It was revealed days before the wedding that the prospective bride had tried to leave Monaco upon learning that Albert, who was already a father of two. He fathered a third love child during their five-year relationship.”

    However, it is unknown if these reports are true, since the pair remain married.

    Queen Beatrix married an ex-member of the Hitler Youth.

    When Dutch Queen Beatrix became engaged to German ambassador Claus von Amsberg’s history as a Hitler Youth member sparked anger. In accordance with the Dutch people have petitioned the legislature to “deny authorization for the marriage, a petition that garnered 65,000 signatures”. However, Beatrix carried out the marriage, which lasted until Prince Claus’s death in 2002.

    Meghan Markle’s father was unable to attend her wedding.

    The royal family has stated that Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, will be assisting him in escorting his daughter down the aisle. Meghan, though, issued a statement two days before the wedding, a declaration that stated, “Regrettably, my father will be unable to attend our wedding. I possess, I’ve always been concerned about my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to concentrate on his health”. Thomas said in a television interview after the big day, “The terrible circumstances that exist for me at the moment is that I am a footnote to one of history’s biggest events, rather than a father strolling around down the aisle with her. As a result, this irritates me slightly.”

    Diana was devastated when she saw Camilla at her wedding.

    When Princess Diana went down the aisle on July 29, 1997, during her wedding to Prince Charles, she was on the lookout for Camilla Parker Bowles in 1981. The princess confided in her biographer.

    In 1991 (through Good Housekeeping), Andrew Morton “Of course, I knew she was in there. I scoured the area for her. As I walked down the aisle, I saw Camilla, dressed in light gray and wearing a veiled pillbox hat. Her son, Tom, who was standing in a chair, saw it all. You are aware of this to this day-vivid recollection.”

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