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    Recap of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds History on Social Media

    Blake Lively is turning 34 and to celebrate that occasion, we are going to recap the times’ Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have gone after each other on social media with their most clever lines.

    Everybody takes shots at each other on social media regardless if you are a normal civilian or celebrity. If you don’t believe that last part then Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively are perfect examples to support that statement.

    Now both stars are married to each other so these verbal jabs whether they were delivered online or in-person are in good fun. People celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions in different ways. Ryan and Blake like to make fun of each other. It was on the podcast: Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist where Ryan admitted that he and Blake love making fun of each other more than anyone else.

    Blake has said different people express themselves in different ways and wise guy insults are how she and Ryan express love. Blake admits that it’s not a rare thing to happen but they were teasing each other one time and that became their thing because they’re not just husband and wife but they are also best friends.

    When Blake Lively talked about her experience, she had to add that she always wins although she is not competitive.

    For people who don’t know, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively raise three daughters together. Every couple has their trick for having a marriage work and maybe this is their trick since they have been married for nine years.

    Gigi Hadid

    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, 2018, Taylor Swift Concert, Instagram

    Blake was offering happy birthday wishes for Gigi who was turning 26. On Instagram, there was a picture of Blake sitting between Gigi and Ryan and Blake told Gigi that she thought she and Gigi make a better couple than Blake and Ryan.


    Ryan Reynols, Vaccine, COVID-19, Instagram

    Both celebrities got the vaccine for COVID in March of 2021. When Ryan got his shot, he took a picture of himself wearing a beanie while receiving the shot. Ryan then asked his fans on Instagram who looked better in the beanie: Ryan while getting the shot or his wife who wore it during the filming of The Rhythm Section.

    Later on, Blake shared a picture of herself getting the vaccine and she told Ryan to find someone who looked at him like she looked at the nurse administrating the vaccine that she received.

    The Green Lantern Movie

    Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Green Lantern, Twitter

    It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to only read the script of a project in the scenes they appear in so the rest of the movie or television show is a surprise. Ryan expressed his surprise when he saw his current wife appear in The Green Lantern movie. Ryan took a picture of the screen where he and Blake Lively were in the same scene and claimed the movie was not bad foreshadowing for his life as a father.

    The Opportunity Presents Itself

    In December of 2020, Ryan saw a video on the Frida Moms Instagram page that was titled “What Dicks To Avoid.” Ryan said that he would tag his wife with this video but he might not be happy with the results that the event produced.

    Desserts Are So Tasty

    Blake Lively, Instagram

    The same month as the previous situation, Blake listed four of her favorite things from Vancouver where Ryan is from and she named four desserts. Blake asked her followers in a joking mood: “Who did they think she would say?” Blake did mention her husband by providing a GIF picture of Deadpool.

    Keep Your Words Soft And Sweet

    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan sold a liquor company that he was a co-owner of for over 600 million dollars in August of 2020. Ryan saw this for a reason to commemorate the occasion and he wrote a sarcastic letter that mentioned his wife and other notable people when it was time to apologize.

    Ryan had told everyone how they could love themselves then apologized saying he would need help from all the people and companies he may have offended for a long time to come.

    Another Child

    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds

    The month before his liquor company sold, Ryan was promoting his company and Blake responded to the picture claiming that picture made her pregnant.

    People who wanted to inquire got a message saying Ryan was out of the office forever and he didn’t plan to return. Ryan would only respond if he did return.

    Trying New Hairstyles

    Ryan Reynolds, Ponytail

    Ryan had given himself a man-bun while locked up in quarantine which Blake uploaded a photo of Instagram daring him to forget this every time he sees it. Ryan responded claiming her birth control is ineffective.

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