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    Kanye West Changes his name to “Ye”

    After filing a formal request with a court he switches names before a party, Kanye West is ushering in an exciting new chapter in his personal life.

    The singer-composer, Kanye West changes his name several times since he began his career as a musician. Still, he now prefers to be addressed simply named “Ye”. In accordance with the court papers acquired by E! News on Aug. 11, the singer with a genre of rapping cataloged a consideration to have his given name changed Kanye Omari West to just “Ye,” according to the papers. “Personal reasons” are mentioned in the file as to why he wanted to make those changes.

    During a taping of Saturday Night Live in 2018, Kardashian a famous artist who has a partner named Kanye first referred to himself as “Ye.” He put it on Twitter, “I am Kanye Ye,” a popular rapper of all time. 

    When asked about the name, he announced that it had a more profound spiritual significance. I understand that the word “ye” is the most often as sacred in the universal book of God that it is translated as “you” in the universal book of God. He added  I’m you, and you’re me, and we’re all of us. It changed his life disposition to Kanye “the lone one,” to simply Ye, which is a reflection of everything: our sound, our terrible, our perplexity, and everything else in our lives. More than anything, the record serves as a catalyst for God-fearing individuals. “

    It was a couple of years supposed to release the Yahndi album that he released the album Ye. That project was ultimately shelved, with Kanye about Jesus our God the saviour which announces in October of this year.

    There’s a legitimate reason why this is triggering déjà vu among sure fans. Many of his devoted fans longed for the release of Donda, his most recent effort, which was initially slated for the 23rd of July of this year. 

    Kanye has decided to organize listening events throughout the United States as an alternative to releasing his songs to different avenue services. As of now, he’s staged two events in the Atlanta area. According to the schedule, a meeting will happen in Chicago, Illinois, is scheduled for August 26.

    An anonymous Chicago newscaster tweeted that the rapper’s crew is constructing a life-size recreation of his boyhood home inside when he used to play. Suppose that it was all planned. All followers of him are excited for its release on Friday.

    The release of West’s 10th studio album, Donda, is scheduled to take place this week, after a replay at Soldier Field in his place in Chicago on Thursday night. Since he had another playback event at an Atlanta sports stadium on July 22nd, fans have been eagerly awaiting the album’s release for many weeks. Working on the record in a temporary studio and living space set up in the theater was a constant source of frustration for him.

    In the last week, the Canadian rapper Drake fueled a long-simmering hatred between the two by rapping on Trippie Redd’s recently released song Betrayal, saying, “Forty-five and forty-four, let it go. Ye ain’t change in’shit for me; it’s set in stone.” West reacted by sharing a short snapshot of a group text conversation that seemed to be directed towards Drake, with the words “I live for this…” on it. You will never be able to recover. I assure you that I will not disappoint you.

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