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    Assertion By The Royal Chronicles – The Crowned Heads Were Gratified On Meghan Markle Failing To Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral!

    Not all but some of the royal family members were silently happy as Meghan Markle could not attend Prince Philip’s funeral she was not able to travel to the UK.

    The rather cut-back touching funeral was arranged in Windsor Castle. The entire family had gathered to pray their final tributes and farewells to Prince Philip, who died in the month of April. He was 99 years old.

    Prince Harry could make it to the funeral ceremony in the UK as he took a flight from his home town California. But Meghan, who was heavily pregnant for the second time, bearing Lilibet – their second child could not make it.

    Confirmed reports further stated that she took Maximum Efforts’ and tried to convince her doctor about her Importance to attend the funeral. But, as a precautionary measure doctor did not sign off the permission as the trip was more than 5,400 miles.

    As per the most recent notification mentioned in Finding Freedom – the couple’s unofficial biography – asserts that some of the royals, without expressing their true feelings were absolutely happy as she could not attend Prince Philip’s funeral ceremony.

    As per The Independent, the claimant further confirmed that most of the crowned family members were unspoken about their happiness and were discreetly happy as Megan could not make it to the funeral. One of the senior royal sources confirmed that they were not in favor of the Royal Lady creating an uncalled-for advertisement of the ceremony, nor any unwarranted circus!

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    Omid Scoble and Caroyln Durand wrote Finding Freedom, which was published last year. It contains not only the lucid chronicles of Harry and Meghan’s love affair but also the short time-span they spend with other royal family members as well, before separating and going to the US to spend their new life along with Archie – their lovable son.

    The paperback version will be released again next week, which will include the latest epilogue. This week’s PEOPLE magazine has an excerpt from the epilogue.

    To attend Prince Philip’s funeral, Harry had booked a one-way ticket to the UK. The main intention was to come close to the family and talk about the same.

    This news came up within a few weeks after the shocking interview given by Harry and Meghan to Oprah Winfrey wherein they had made various claims concerning the royal family.

    Harry conferred about his distance with Prince William and felt as if “confined”. He further alleged Prince Charles, his father, of reducing his finances.

    In the meantime, Meghan also said that she was not offered any kind of help for her psychological health when she was in the Firm. Also, one of the family members had questioned Archie’s skin color.

    The book further claims that the reason for Harry to book a one-way ticket was, he was not aware of how the trip back to the UK would work out.

    The updated version of The Freedom further says that the positive feeling that had emerged about this trip will give an opportunity to come close to the other members without any staff personnel in between, who was responsible for the media leaks and taking advantage of working with the royal family.

    The book further asserts that the conversation outside St Georg’s Chapel between Harry and William, after the funeral was the first one-to-one conversation in 15 months.

    Amazon.com: Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern  Royal Family: 9780063046108: Scobie, Omid, Durand, Carolyn: Books

    The extract further confirmed that two such conversations took place between them during his return trip.

    It is further stated by the book that Harry had a brief discussion with Charles, but the issues were never sorted out!

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